How to use Samsung Contact in OM

Configuration of the server

see installation hints

Configuration of the workstation


give access rights

Organise a meeting with several users and resources

If the free/busy times of users are not known yet, there is the button "options / Update Free/Busy".
Because the user will not always know the correct names of the other attendees or resources, he should use the "check names" tool:

There is no "meeting room 1", so it helps to click on "Show more names". This leads to this window, where the user can either choose from the list or search for the user if the list is too long:

The information about the involved people and resources is now displayed:

Another example follows that shows the kind of types for the attendants: Required and Optional, and Resource.

After that, the other attendees are informed about the meeting by clicking the "send" button.
Reacting to an invitation:
In the example, Timotheus gets two invitations, one for himself and the other because he is the delegate of the resource "meeting room1". The mail looks like this after opening it:

The only difference of this invitation of the meeting room to the invitation to the user Timotheus is that it has only the sentence "Please respond" instead of "Please respond on behalf of".

offline work and synchronisation

Activate offline mode in "Tools/Synchronisation options/enable offline working". You can also disable this type of working again. The options of synchronisation can be changed in "Tools/Synchronisation options/options". e.g.

You can create meetings in offline mode, but the messages to other attendants are saved in the outbox.