Requirements for groupware solution

The following requirements are a sorted collection of attributes that a groupware solution for the OM Standard Linux server should provide.
categorypriorityrequirement: title & description
profiles, user habits, location of mails 2people use different computers at different times to access their messages
Any user must be able to log into any workstation, with all personal calendar information & settings following him
3configuring users settings
add or administer a users settings without using his account and password
import/export of data 2exchange with handhelds
Conduit to PalmOS
Interfaces needed both ways:
- data from Palm Pilots/Outlook to "groupware"
- data from "groupware" to Palm Pilots/Outlook

need to exchange at least calendaring information.
2disconnected mode / offline client
needed for travellers
In "disconnected" operation, a client connects to the server, makes a copy of all user account information, and then disconnects from the server, later to reconnect and resynchronize with the server.
it mainly has to work with the personal calendar information

Calendaring / Booking 2Allows calendars to be shared
Viewing others Calendars, but not changing them
3calendar managed by other person
permit other persons to manage personal calendar (e.g. Directors Secretary managing his calendar)
3organizing a meeting
the one organizing a meeting needs to be able to ask the system to find a time when the invited persons are all free and to then book (or suggest) a meeting...
3common (not personal) calendars
absences (see more below)
current events
annual leave booking, so system that handles
- person requests leave
- manager approves
3Resource Booking
(special kind of common calendar)

types of resources:
office equipment (e.g. projector, mobile phones etc)

resources need to be set up by the administrator
each resource has an assigned manager that approves the booking
if there is a more urgent request this manager can cancel the previous booking, an email is send to the affected user

support multiple resources of the same type
requirements from Linux Project Team 1long term reliability of support
The support of the solution needs to be guaranteed by either a reliable company or an active user/developer community.
The costs of the solution must be affordable by OM. The costs consist of both the costs of the software licences (server and client software) and the cost of maintenance
2linux server support
The server of the groupware solution has to run on the OM Standard Linux Server to provide a common solution installed on one machine.
2windows workstation support
The client of the groupware solution has to run on Microsoft Windows for that is the standard operating system in OM.
4POP3/SMTP support
the solution needs to support the OM Mail module (based on sendmail) for eMail Clients that use POP3/SMTP (e.g. Pegasus Mail, Outlook)
other types of communication 4Voting
Voting capability (Send out a survey, or invitation, and people can click a button to reply yes / no, accept/reject etc)
4discussion list management
- notice board (e.g. items for sale/loan)