List of Groupware Calendaring Solutions, ordered by categories of products

For an explanation of the categories, see the diploma thesis.
For the details of the solutions, see analysisresults.html.

BILL Workgroup Server (outlook in combination with a linux server)
Bynari Insight Server (outlook in combination with a linux server)
Kolab / Free Software Groupware Project (Outlook/Linux)
Caldera Volution Messaging Server (outlook in combination with a linux server)

webbased & Outlook
Oracle Collaboration Suite (server in combination with windows or linux)
Suse Mail Server (webbased & Outlook)
Samsung Contact (server with client: webbased and outlook)
FrontOffice Communications: DayPoint Enterprise (webbased & Outlook)
eCal M1 (webbased & Outlook)
ScheduleOnline Intranet (webbased & Outlook)
WebEvent Team (webbased & Outlook)

Courier MTA / SqWebMail (webbased/CGI)
moreGroupware (webbased/php)
BSCW (webbased)
PHProjekt (php)
phpGroupWare (php; provides API)
Tutos (php)
TWIG (php)
SKYRiX Web Groupware (webbased)
intisoft Xentric groupware server (based on Xentric XML Server)
eridu (php)
Proiektor (python)
UW Calendar Information Center (webbased)
Groveware CAL/RM 2000SE (webbased)
Calendar Internet (webbased)
Great Hill Corporation: Calendars for the web (webbased)
MDaemon (webbased)

webbased & client
Teamware Office (webbased or windows client with linux or windows server)
Novell Groupwise (windows/netware server, client either dedicated workstation client or webbased)
Meeting Maker (webbased & client)
SuSE Linux Groupware Server with Lotus Domino (commercial server and client software)
(IBM) Lotus Domino / Notes (webbased & client)
MailStudio Calendar Server (webbased & client)
Crosswind Cyberscheduler & Synchronize & CyberSync (webbased & client)
BrownBear Calcium Web Calendar Server and TripleSync (webbased & client)

client Groupware (opensource client (LGPL/SISSL))
Microsoft Outlook (windows groupware client)
GNOME Ximian Evolution (linux groupware client)
Mozilla Calendar (free client software, calendaring)
KDE PIM application suite (with KOrganizer) (linux groupware client)
Chandler (client)

AxisSync (synchronisation of palm and phpgroupware)
phpOrgaSync (synchronisation of Outlook and PHProjekt)
SyncBuilder Java Framework (framework for synchronisation with palm)

no calendar
ICQ Groupware (messaging tool (without calendar))
phpcollab (webbased collaboration software, no calendar)

non linux server
Microsoft Exchange (windows server, with Outlook as client)
Sun Calendar Server (Sparc/Solaris, HP-UX, or Windows server, client webbased)
Opentext Livelink (webbased)
Hyperwave Team Workspace (webbased)

Schedule and Schedule Server - StarOffice (client/server solution)
Netscape Calendar Server (client/server solution)

service provider
ContactOffice (webbased service provider)
Appointment Quest (webbased service provider) (webbased service provider) (webbased; supports Outlook) (webbased) (service provider) (service provider) (service provider) (service provider) (service provider) (service provider)