Corporate email and calendaring solutions
embedded in a strategy for
Computer Supported Cooperative Work
Diploma Thesis of Timotheus Pokorra,
University of Applied Sciences, Gießen - Friedberg, Germany & Operation Mobilisation, Carlisle, England
15. November 2002

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Outlook CSV import/export
Samsung Contact
Kolab & Toltec

phpGroupWare calendar extension CVS Import/Export for 0.9.14
ATTENTION: this is not supported by phpGroupWare and not supported by myself. You use it on your own risk. I'm even not sure if this version works at all. Please feel free to use the code under the licence of phpGroupWare.
24 June 2004: It seems there is another HP OpenMail descendant: Scalix.
Samsung Contact is based on the same technology. I have not had a look at Scalix yet.