This homepage deals a lot with me and my names. Because of that I want to describe why I like my names very much.

Timotheus (Timothy):

It means: Honour God! Live in a way God likes it!
Be a credit to God! Respect God!

I like this name very much because it always reminds me: Because I´m a Christian I don´t live for myself but my life is available for God. God gives me so many things for free. His greatest present is that he sent his son Jesus Christ to the earth and let him die. Why did he do that, and why is it good for me? I´m not able to have a relationship with God because I´m a normal human being with sin in my life. Sin is everything that God cannot stand. Someone has to pay for my sin. Jesus did that on the cross. He rose after that again and proved by it that he is the strongest. He gives me everlasting life, that will not end with my physical death but will continue with him in heaven.

My life should be a “Thank-You” to God. I wish that it helps others to become also children of God.


It means: God is my judge! That sounds
severe, and it is if you are on your own. The bible says that there will be a judgement. Then God will be the judge, and each one of us will stand before him. God will not take much care of what we have done good or evil, but if someone has paid the debt for us. I know my judge, as well as that person that has paid for me: Jesus. He has really paid enough when he died on the cross!


This name originates from the area where Poland is today. My grand-grandfather came from the area East-Prussia as it was called at that time. The polish families with that name are called Pokora. In the polish language the ´r´ is spoken very hard, so the german families have a double ´r´ in their names. Pokora is a polish word and means humility. Humility means: Courage to serve. It is the opposite of arrogance. Arrogance is to think more of yourself than you really are.

This name reminds me that in fact I´m a very small person before God and I need Jesus to be able to live. Before God nothing counts from the things which I think I could be proud of. I know that there are still things in my life that God does not like at all. I need Jesus every day so that he continues to work on me and that he forgives me my sins.

Humility means to think of others higher than yourself. I want to be a servant by helping the people around me in daily things and by telling them about Jesus so that they also can get that what I got.