Mono 5.18 on copr   January 2nd, 2019

The status of Mono in Fedora is sad. We cannot upgrade to the latest Mono versions because we require binary reference assemblies for the build, as described in

My hope is that when .NET Core and msbuild become part of official Fedora, we can create the various packages for the binary reference assemblies.

For the moment, I create a copr for each Mono version, where we build Mono “the Fedora way”, but with Bootstrap mode always enabled.

So here is the current release Mono for Fedora 29 and Epel 7:

The sources for the spec file and the patches are here:

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Installing Kontact on CentOS7   June 29th, 2017

If you search for “install kontact centos7”, you find the first link:

Unfortunately, that does not work. Even if you add the Kolab 16 repository (wget so that libkolab etc can be installed, you still have conflicts because kdepim-libs is installed from the base repository.

It seems, that the packages on OBS are targetted mainly for Ubuntu:

Then I looked if Kontact is available in Epel, but it is only available for Fedora:

Then I found the copr of Rex Dieter, which provides uptodate packages for Kontact and is maintained by the Fedora KDE-SIG:

So to install Kontact on CentOS7, you need to do this:

cd /etc/yum/repos.d
yum install kontact
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I was able to modify the existing Fedora spec file for owncloud-client, to build a package with the nextcloud theming:

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