Easy start for OpenPetra developers   October 18th, 2013

Steps to reproduce the video tutorial:

  1. See full instructions in OpenPetra Wiki
  2. Make sure .Net 4 is installed
  3. Install SharpDevelop
  4. Install NAnt
  5. Install 7zip
  6. Download and unzip nightly build of OpenPetra
    Update August 2015: the nightly build is now hosted at Github, we are not using Sourceforge for this anymore
  7. Start the Developers Assistant: Start the server, start the client, build OpenPetra
  8. Open the solution file delivery\projects\sharpdevelop4\OpenPetra.Server.sln in SharpDevelop
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Free Visual C++ Toolkit   November 18th, 2007


copy nmake.exe from .net SDK into bin directory

use the shortcut to start a cmd box with the environment variables set

Blog about it

Manual from Microsoft about nmake.exe

review from a linux point of view:

If you have a Visual C++ 6 IDE, just copy over the bin, lib, and include directory, and compiling works. Debugging does not.

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