There was a question on the mono IRC about how to Copy&Paste from a Console window when running a console application from within MonoDevelop.

I tried to reproduce that, and first got the error:

cannot execute … File name has not been set

The answer is that you have to install the xterm package. See

Actually, here is the source that determines which terminal to use:

So it tries gnome-terminal, mate-terminal and konsole, depending on the environment variables for the desktop (GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID, MATE_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID, or KDE_SESSION_VERSION). If that fails, it falls back to xterm.

I am using XFCE4, and MonoDevelop falls back to xterm.

Copy&Paste in xterm works like this: just select the text, and then focus the application where you want to paste the text, and hit the middle mouse button. see also

MonoDevelop and xterm console output
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