A quick overview on recent updates to Kolab 16 packages.

Please note: I am only using public information. I have no background knowledge about the releases.

The big news is: there are now packages of Kolab 16 for Debian Jessie! My first tests of setup-kolab show still some quirks. Please test and report bugs on Phabricator, and see current progress on the Jessie board.

For people interested in Kolab on Debian, we have an IRC meeting coming up on Thursday evening next week, for details see the mailinglist thread.

The package kolab-syncroton has been upgraded to version 2.3.3, with these changes: https://obs.kolabsys.com/request/show/1829

The package php-kolab-net-ldap3 is new, it used to be called php-pear-Net-LDAP3.

The package roundcubemail was updated, see https://obs.kolabsys.com/request/show/1828


Various updates to Kolab 16, and first set of Kolab 16 packages for Debian
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