There is a new release of the LightBuildServer, available at

This has now support for copr!

Copr is a build service for Fedora and Epel packages: See for example my copr Kolab_16 that I have built with LBS:

Copr is good for building single packages, but if you paste multiple packages, it does not care about build dependencies between the packages. This is where the LightBuildServer comes in, and orders copr to build the packages in the right order, and waits for packages to finish building if they are required by the next package.

The advantage of this is that you can build packages in parallel (defined by maxinstances, be nice!), and the copr build machines are quite fast! And the repository is served by copr, so less traffic for your server! And people can even more trust a copr repo, because you cannot do any magic and modify builds etc.

So how to use it? You need to get an API token from, and paste that into a file /etc/lightbuildserver/container/<yourusername>/<yourprojectname>/copr.

You also need to define a static build machine with type “copr”, like this in your /etc/lightbuildserver/config.yml:
           type: copr
           enabled: True
           maxinstances: 4
           static: True

Then you can refer that machine from your project, also in the file config.yml:

          CoprUserName: ""
          CoprProjectName: ""
LightBuildServer 0.5 with support to build on copr
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