This is an updated version of the post from July 2015:

For a description of phabricator, see the post from July 2015.

Here are the updated instructions for using arcanist with CentOS7:

yum install git vim php-cli python-pep8
# this does not work because of contradicting dependancies:
# wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/kolab-tools.repo
# yum install arcanist
git clone
git clone
export PATH=$PATH:/root/arcanist/bin/
arc set-config default
arc install-certificate 
# go to and copy the token and paste it to arc

Now get the repository you want to work with, eg. pykolab:

export PATH=$PATH:/root/arcanist/bin/
git clone
cd pykolab
# do your changes
# vi pykolab/auth/ldap/
git commit -a
arc diff            # Creates a new revision out of ALL unpushed commits on
                    # this branch.

Now you have a new Differential revision, in my example at:

Submitting patches to Kolab via Phabricator
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