I realized it would be good to blog here about updates for the Kolab 3.4 Community Edition.

Although it is a community release, and therefore does not come with any guarantuee (that is up to the Enterprise version), some people are using the community edition in production, and we as the community are contributing fixes and maintaining the release.

Thanks to Daniel Hoffend, we now have the latest Roundcube 1.1.2 in Kolab 3.4 Updates. Just run yum update (CentOS) or apt-get update && apt-get upgrade (Debian)…

Daniel also backported a week ago a fix for the installation of Kolab, the Roundcube configuration for the Addressbook was not correct.
More details can be seen in the Change Reqest on OBS.
You might want to manually update your existing installation in the same way…

And another fix from 10 days ago: Daniel backported a fix for the Roundcube Context menu.
See details in the Change Request on OBS.

In the future, I will aim to post here as soon as we accept updates into Kolab 3.4 Updates.

If you want to contribute to make the community edition of Kolab more stable and secure, please make suggestions on the mailing list about fixes that you know of, and if you enjoy creating a change request on OBS yourself, then go for it, you would be very welcome!

Kolab 3.4 Community Updates: Roundcube update and some other fixes
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