Some weeks ago, I did significant work on getting Kolab 3.4 running on Debian Jessie.

I did this work in my own time, because at we focus on CentOS7.
Still the work was benefitial to CentOS as well, because I had to do some fixes for PHP 5.6, which will eventually be part of CentOS sometime in the future.

For your interest, here are the bugs I have worked on:

For several weeks, my nightly tests succeed now for Debian Jessie as well, on LBS: see

I just updated the installation instructions:

I am not using Debian Jessie in production, and that means two things:

  • I cannot say if it actually works in production. I only can say that it passes my nightly tests.
  • In the future, I think I might need to focus on CentOS more, and cannot invest so much of my own free time into the Debian packaging. I am open for suggestions or sponsorship 🙂 (perhaps
Kolab 3.4 on Debian Jessie
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