There has been a new release of Roundcube:

I noticed that because Epel already has version 1.1.3, but Kolab 3.4 Updates still has 1.1.2. Now there is an installation conflict, because yum wants to use the epel version, but that leads to other conflicts.

A temporary solution is to exclude all roundcubemail* packages in the epel repo file:

sed -i "s#enabled=1#enabled=1\nexclude=roundcubemail*#g" /etc/yum.repos.d/epel.repo

The proper solution is to upgrade the roundcubemail package for Kolab 3.4 Updates on OBS.

I was slightly confused which tarball to use, and Daniel Hoffend aka dhoffend helped me out:

  1. Go to
  2. Get the commit id for release 1.1.3: 357cd5103d1c27f8416ef316c4a4c31588db45b8
  3. git clone
    cd roundcubemail
    git checkout -b newrelease 357cd5103d1c27f8416ef316c4a4c31588db45b8
    git archive --prefix=roundcubemail-1.1.3/ HEAD | gzip -c > ../roundcubemail-1.1.3.tar.gz

To test the new package, download this repo file:

yum install yum-utils
yum-config-manager --add-repo
yum update

The new updated package will hopefully arrive in Kolab 3.4 Updates within the next days.

New Roundcube 1.1.3 release for Kolab 3.4 Updates
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