This post is about the latest Mono release, and its availability for older Linux distributions.

Thankfully, Xamarin provides Mono packages for the most current Linux distributions at

I used to build mono-opt for Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora and OpenSUSE, since July 2013 (see

The long-term goal has always been to get Mono integrated directly into the Linux distributions. Therefore I decided to get involved with Fedora and CentOS, which I use for most of my servers.

As a result, we now have Mono 4.0.5 and MonoDevelop 5.9 in Fedora 23, and we (Claudio and myself) are working on getting Mono 4.2 and MonoDevelop 5.10 into Fedora 24. The next step would be to get Mono updated in Epel as well, so that you can use uptodate packages of Mono on CentOS too.

I am glad to see that things are happening on the Debian side as well, with Mono 4.2.1 in the experimental branch:

OpenSUSE has Mono 4.0.4 in Leap 42.1:

So things are looking good!

I decided to use the infrastructure of the Fedora project for the CentOS mono-opt packages. You can find uptodate Mono and MonoDevelop packages for CentOS6 and CentOS7 at There are also Mono packages for CentOS5, but no MonoDevelop for CentOS5.
This replaces the mono-opt packages for CentOS5 at which I will not be maintaining anymore over there.

For Fedora users, Claudio and myself do maintain a repository with the latest Mono and MonoDevelop here:

For Ubuntu 12.04, Mono llvm does not build anymore, because it requires GCC with at least version 4.7. At the moment I don’t have a reason to build Mono and MonoDevelop for Ubuntu 12.04 anymore. I will also not build packages for Ubuntu non-LTS releases. If you need it, email me, and we can discuss.

So here are the updated packages:

Cycle 6: Mono 4.2.1 and MonoDevelop 5.10.0 for Linux
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