I noticed that several pages are broken on https://docs.kolab.org

a couple of examples:

I once did file a patch to fix the client configuration page (https://git.kolab.org/rDdc928121f87e22602e64669bd640fd63482751d5), but I guess that was not really solving the problem.

I have now setup a Fedora 24 machine, and installed the following packages:

dnf install python-setuptools make graphviz-python graphviz-gd python-pillow python-sphinx python-sphinx-latex git lighttpd which crontabs
git clone http://git.kolab.org/diffusion/D/docs.git
cd docs
git submodule update --init --recursive
make html
mv /root/docs/build/html /var/www/htdocs
make latexpdf
mv build/latex/KolabGroupware.pdf /var/www/htdocs/
systemctl enable lighttpd
systemctl start lighttpd
systemctl enable crond
systemctl start crond

Every night I run a cronjob to rebuild the documentation.

You can find the result here:

Some pages of the Kolab Documentation seem to be broken
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